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Early Deposit

Get Paid Up To Two Days Early

If you have a Guaranty checking account with direct deposit, your payday is up to two days early.

If we receive your direct deposit information from your employer prior to payday, we will make your money available to you when we receive it, up to two days early. Getting started is simple. Sign up for direct deposit if you do not already have it, and you are all set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Early Direct Deposit is a free service that we provide our checking customers; giving customers access to their pay up to two days early. There’s no enrolling or activating. All you need to do is set up a direct deposit into your checking account. If we receive your payroll information from your employer early, we will deposit your pay into your account—up to two days early

All customers will receive credit to their bank account up to two days early as they become available.

Setting up direct deposit is quick and easy! Just fill out a Direct Deposit Form along with a voided check and bring it to your HR department. You’ll be able to receive your deposit up to two days early safely, and conveniently!

Early deposit is a free, automatic feature for your Guaranty checking account.

You cannot opt out of early deposit, it is an automatic benefit of a Guaranty consumer account.

Our routing number is 1 1 1 9 1 5 3 2 7.

It depends.  It may be 2-days early, 1-day early or on your regularly scheduled payday. Your payer must provide payment details early, so the deposit can process early. That is why it is important to monitor your account to make sure your direct deposit is funded to your account before spending the funds or sending out payments.

The actual date of payment can vary due to weekends, holidays and when the payer sends the payment information.

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We've created a step-by-step guide to make it easy for you to switch your direct deposits and automatic payments.


Disclosure: Eligible direct deposit payments will be available up to two days prior to the scheduled payment date. Early availability is based on the timing of the payer’s payment instruction, and standard fraud prevention restrictions apply. This benefit will be provided at no cost, and no action is needed to receive this service.