​How to Opt-In and Opt-Out of E-Statements and E-Docs (Loan and/or CD notices)

At the Account level, you will click the Statements & Documents link.

Opt 1

On the next screen, click the View e-Delivery Settings button.

Opt 2

The screen below is displayed.  Accounts that you are opted in for will show “ON” and the accounts you are not opted in for will show “OFF.”  Click “Off” to opt in. You may also choose to “Opt-in for All Accounts.”

Opt 3

The disclosure below will come up and then a PDF disclosure document will open in a new window automatically that will contain a code that you will need to enter on this page.

Opt 4

You will then enter the code that was displayed in the disclosure.

Opt 5

You will then be asked to confirm or change the e-mail address that the notification will be sent to.  After entering your e-mail address, click “Submit for this Account” or “Submit for All Accounts.”

Opt 6

To Opt Out of E-Statements or E-Docs:
Click the “On” button to opt out for an account or click the “Opt-Out for All Accounts” to opt out all of your accounts out of Electronic Delivery.

Opt 7

The following screen will come up and you will click “Accept.”

Opt 8