My Spending



  • Enhanced Spendable Balance
  • Improved Transaction descriptions
  • New Categories and Automatic transaction categorization
  • My Spending Highlights
  • Outside account aggregation
  • Mobile Enhancements

Please note that most images depicted in this guide are mock-ups and subject to modification.


Enhanced Spendable Balance:
Enhanced Spendable Balance

Enhances the Spendable Balance feature to automatically subtract

(if you choose):

  • Scheduled bill payments
  • Scheduled transfers
  • Money to avoid spending



Time Period Options:

You select the time period that you prefer:

  • Clearing Today
  • Within 2 days
  • Within 3 days
  • Within 5 days
  • Within 7 days
  • Next 2 weeks
Time Periods



Improved Transaction Descriptions:
Improved Trans 1

Improved Trans 2

You will see a "cleaner" description of your transaction, but will still be able to access the complete description of the Transaction Detail screen.


New Categories and Automatic Categorization:

Catagories 1

Catagories 2



  • A set of New categories will replace the Existing categories
  • Your transactions will go through an automatic categorization process into one of the new categories
  • Spending transactions that do not fall into one specific spending sub-categories will be categorized as “Other”
  • You may re-categorize any transaction
  • There are 13 standard categories and 5 customization categories
  • The system will learn as you re-categorize transactions and will do it automatically going forward


My Spending:

The Overview page gives you a complete picture of your spending:


  • How’s my spending?
    • Total Spending
    • Category Watch (Where I want to watch my spending)
  • Where did my money go?
  • (up to 13 months as history builds)
    • Money In and Out
    • Spending by Category
  • Allows you to setup limits and alerts



My Spending Overview: How's My Spending?
Spending Overview
  • Provides an overall spending amount calculated from the combined Spending categories
  • Allows you to track up to 3 categories so you can watch your spending behavior



Tracking Total Spending:

Total Spending

  • You choose between a Weekly or Per Paycheck Spending period
  • If weekly, you choose which day of the week to start on
  • If per paycheck, you choose your pay period



Tracking Your Total Spending Limit:
Track Spending 1Track Spending 2


  • Set a Total Spending Limit that can be your average spending or any other amount your choose.



Category Watch:
Cat Watch 1

Cat Watch 2


  • Choose up to 3 categories to set limits and watch spending specifically in those categories


Cat Watch 3
  • A gauge tracks the time period that you have chosen and allows you to see exactly how your current spending rate relates to your limit 



My Spending: Where Did My Money Go?

Wheres my Money

  • Each area of this section clicks through to the transaction associated with the section.


Spending Alerts and Email:
  • Spending Alert - 75%
Alerts and Email 1Alerts and Email 2



My Spending Overview:  Alerts – Periodic Spending Progress Email

Periodic Updates 1

Periodic Updates 2Periodic Updates 3

Periodic Updates 4


Outside Account Aggregation:
Outside Account Agg
  • Synced accounts are displayed in the account section of the Home page
  • Sync problems are indicated on the Home page



Outside Accounts - Recent Activity:
Outside RecentOutside Recent 2


  • You may access recent activity or correct a failed sync from direct access provided on the Home page


Outside Accounts Page:
Outside Account
  • From the new Outside Accounts page you can request an external transfer account or sync an outside account balance



Mobile Banking: Enhanced Spendable Balance
Mobile Enhanced Spendable
  • Account indicator will display account name and last 4 digits to more easily identify the Spendable Balance Account
  • The account listing will display a Spendable Balance account text
  • The pop up will remind you of the new Spendable Balance functionality
  • The enhanced Spendable Balance on mobile operates the same as on the web



Mobile Banking: My Spending

Mobile My Spending

  • My Spending on the mobile app operates the same way as on the web