As your financial advocate, we encourage you to be aware of these best practices and security features while using your mobile app: 

  • Use the screen locking capabilities with a secure pass code to unlock your device. 
  • Do not store passwords or any sensitive information on your device. This increases your security in the event that your phone is lost or stolen. 
  • Always sign off of apps before closing them. 
  • Be cautious when joining public hotspots or WiFi networks. 
  • When downloading apps that monitor your finances or conduct certain transactions, be sure they are from reputable sources. 
  • Keep your mobile operating system up to date. 
  • Use caution when clicking on QR codes (Quick Response codes), as you would with any link. QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that you scan with your phone to get access to online information and look like this: 


Security of Mobile Banking Mobile Banking offers the same layered standard security features and protection that are applied to the Online Banking service including encryption, firewalls and security questions. Mobile Banking customers are protected by: 

  • Firewall and intrusion detection systems to prohibit unauthorized access. 
  • Encryption of sensitive information that is transmitted over the mobile internet browser. 
  • Secure access to your Online Banking profile through password protection and multi-layers of security features.