Customers in a few of our market areas are reporting receiving calls from a fraudster pretending to be a bank employee in our fraud department.  The Caller ID is showing (888)572-9881.  The caller states that the customers debit card has been compromised and gives the correct last 4 digits of their card number as verification.  The caller then requests the PIN number stating that it will be the PIN number on the new card that will be issued.


Customers have also reported receiving an automated message stating that their account is overdrawn and to call a certain number to make a deposit.


In another scenario, the caller states that the customer will receive a text message to verify if a transaction is fraudulent or not and that the customer will need to respond to the text message.

Please know that these calls are not coming from Guaranty Bank & Trust. If you think you may have given your information to a fraudster, please call us at 1-888-572-9881 or email [email protected]


Tips to protect yourself from fraud:

  •          Fraudsters can easily generate any phone number or text they want in order to appear legitimate. You should never provide or confirm any private or financial details when you receive a call from a business.  If asked, tell the caller you will call back.  
  •          Never use a phone number provided by the caller. Always call the business back at the phone number listed on the website or on the back of the card.
  •          Legitimate businesses will never ask for your PIN.  Never give it out.
    •          If you are asked for personal information, hang up.