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Lockbox Services

Existing Lockbox Clients can view deposit activity by logging in to their portal here. Additional assistance can be received by contacting our treasury team.

A Step Towards Paperless Processing

If your business receives frequent payments and documents from customers, lockbox services may prove useful.

  • The bank collects mail from a dedicated post office box and sorts checks and other documents to be scanned and deposited into your account.
  • View check items and invoices while importing the items into your accounting system electronically.
  • Choose from specialized options to best fit your account receivables needs .
  • Improve funds availability and enable efficient management of your accounting systems.

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Specialized Lockbox Options

Retail Lockbox processing is ideal for a company that receives low-dollar/high volume payments. Remittance data and images are indexed and archived, which can be easily navigated through our archive viewer software and accessed through the Web Lockbox.

Wholesale LockBox processing is ideal for a company processing Business to Business payments, regardless of your company’s size or payment volume.

Medical LockBox processing provides a centralized processing for all payment types, including patient payments. The service is HIPPA compliant and offers 835/837 files.