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Remote Deposit Capture

Time Is Money — Save Both With Guaranty

This automated service allows businesses to deposit checks electronically. It's a great way to save time and money, eliminating multiple trips to the bank to make deposits. Encryption technology ensures your check deposits stay secure while making your deposit from your office or business. Remote deposit capture allows a user to scan multiple checks. using a remote deposit machine at their desk. Checks images are sent electronically to the bank to process and post to your account. It's like having a 24-hour teller in your office, bringing you more ease and convenience.

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Business Advisors

Guaranty’s bankers are more than tellers and vault-keepers. They’re experts in financial growth who are committed to providing an exceptionally personalized level of customer service. Where most banks just see you as another number, we treat you like the neighbor you are. Visit your nearest Guaranty location today to learn more about what you stand to gain by choosing to do business with a community bank.

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