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ACH Origination

Existing ACH Clients can receive assistance by contacting our support team or visiting our FAQ page.
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Contact Treasury Support: 903-575-5910
Contact Treasury Sales: 903-575-5779

Make Quick, Easy, Reliable Electronic Payments

ACH Origination is available through our Cash Management online banking platform and offers flexible options.

  • Collect next day deposits electronically.
  • Save time and money by replacing each check-based payment and receivables collection process withAutomated Clearing House (ACH)/Electronic FundsTransfer transactions.
  • Upload either a NACHA or .CSV formatted file, initiate single transactions or build templates for recurring transactions.
  • Take the paperwork out of making your monthly tax payments by originating your federal tax payments online.
  • Directly deposit payroll into employee's accounts regardless of where they bank.

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