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Trust, we see it as a gift to work with the passionate, hardworking people that stand strong behind small businesses. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping them grow, especially during the challenges of a global pandemic. It’s been a privilege to serve our small business community as they become stronger than ever, and we’re proud to share their stories.

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Rockwall School of Music

“Music is good for the soul.” It may be an old saying, but it’s remained a part of the vernacular for a reason — it contains some timeless wisdom. Musicians do more than entertain us. Their expressions help us feel more intensely, appreciate the beauty all around us, and imagine new possibilities."

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Honey Hush Boutique

Since then, business has steadily improved — so much so that Honey Hush is now doing better than ever. Shelly saw her April 2020 sales surge by 65 percent compared to April 2019. July was an even better month, with Honey Hush besting last year’s revenue over those long, hot 31 days by a whopping 138 percent. 

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Caring for Women

Dependability. For many businesses, large and small, it’s little more than an advertising slogan. But COVID-19 has demonstrated just how crucial reliable access to some goods and services can be.

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Tech Qualled LLC

If there’s any institution in our nation that enjoys almost universal trust and support, it’s the U.S. military. A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 83 percent of respondents expressed high confidence in our military “to act in the best interests of the public.”

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Candy Haven

Sometimes the opportunity to perform an act of kindness comes at the most unexpected time. When it does, that simple gesture — one hand reaching out to grasp another — can create bonds that last for decades.

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Austin Classical Guitar

COVID-19 has made life difficult for small business owners everywhere. But it has been disastrous for many charitable organizations. Employment in the non-profit sector has declined by 50 percent since March 2020. Meanwhile, statistics suggest that approximately 85 percent of 501(c)(3)s are now facing revenue shortfalls.

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Bates Air Conditioning & Service Co, Inc.

Anyone who’s ever sweated out a Texas summer understands the importance of climate control. So it should come as no surprise to learn that not even COVID-19 could cause Bates Air Conditioning & Service Co., Inc. — more popularly known around their hometown of Houston as Bates AC — to suspend its operations.

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Heights Mobil Care Care

Heather Mouzourakis has watched countless individuals move in and out of her Houston, Texas neighborhood over the years. The location of Heather’s business — Heights Mobil Car Care, 1622 West 18th Street — has provided her with a front-row seat to our state’s explosive population growth and rapid urbanization.

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