At Guaranty one of our favorite things to do is to take care of our customers. So naturally, we love to hear their feedback as well.

Guaranty Bank and Trust is the best bank I've ever encountered. They helped us launch, and then grow into a scalable business... all while being a pleasure to work with. They have done a tremendous job personalizing their services to our business and reacting quickly to any of our needs. I have no reservations recommending them to any small or emerging business. I work with the Austin branch and Travis and Ryan are real partners to us.
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The Longview branch is a great bank to do business with. This has been my first experience with Guaranty (I have a business account there) and it has gone very well. They helped us with a LOC for a new business and have been very attentive to the needs and requirements of a new business. They are what a bank used to be - they don't run their business from a spreadsheet. They actually know how to listen and understand a business plan. This is a great bank for any local business person to be at.
I have used Guaranty for my business for years. They have great people working for them. I haven't been to a branch yet that I wasn't treated great. Robert and Becky on St Michaels Dr always go above and beyond to make Guaranty a great place to bank.
Best bank in Katy. Great people with a small/personal feel not seen in larger banks.
My joining of the Guaranty Bank & Trust was made very easy by Administrative Officer Jennifer Bullard. She helped me to transfer information from my existing account at another bank to my new account at GB&T with relative ease and little effort on my part. Thank you, Jennifer! I am looking forward to doing business with all of you for a long time.
David F