Guaranty Bank & Trust will steer you through the SBA's SOP changes

January 19, 2024

Steering your way through the complexities of today’s economy is difficult enough.    Understanding the SBA’s new Standard Operating Procedures is proving to be equally challenging. 

However, it’s rather clear that SBA’s intent is to get more money in the hands of business borrowers.  At Guaranty Bank & Trust, we are working hard to do just that!    As a strong TEXAS community-based bank,  we strive to find the best solution for you or your client’s needs.   This takes expertise and ability to execute, which we have both.   We are aggressive in structure and have the flexibility to offer VERY COMPETITIVE RATES. 

Did you know…………… the ONLY “equity” requirements now are for business acquisitions, and that we can now finance partner buy-outs both partial and in whole with NO MONEY DOWN?  We can, and we have, financed 100% on real estate acquisitions for existing businesses.   Did you know they have eliminated the “personal resource test,” and that the affiliation rules have changed as well?  Did you know that the SBA has ELIMINATED the SBA Guaranty fees on ALL 7a loans in the amount of $1,000,000 and less through September 30th?   And that the refinance rules have been SIMPLIFIED?  This is huge!   Also, “character determination” guidance has been removed from the SOP eliminating a lot of paperwork and speeding up that part of the process.

With Guaranty Bank at the helm, we can help you stay the course and stick to your plans.

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