Online Banking

History can be downloaded from online banking for up to two years as long as you have been signed up for online banking during that time. You can download the history by logging into your online banking via the website and selecting your account and then selecting the download file option. You can apply an arrangement of filters to the download option to get what you are needing.

*You can download history into CSV, FLC or TSV spreadsheets. The system is also compatible to download into Microsoft Money Active Statement, Microsoft Money OFX, QuickBooks WebConnect, Quicken WebConnect, and Quicken QIF.*

Yes, you can print your statements.

Yes. You can download your statement to your PC.

You can set up a variety of alerts to be sent to either your cell phone or email address via the Alerts option found at the top right-hand side of your screen when logged into your online banking via the website. There are a variety of Account Activity, Messaging, and Security alerts that you can customize to your needs.

*Not all notices are delivered automatically. Some such as balance, are sent at certain times during the day.*

Yes. Joint and business account statements can be viewed by multiple authorized Online Banking users. There is no limit to how many User ID’s can be tied to an electronic statement for a single account.

From the Home page, click on the Account that you want to view a statement on.  From the Account page, click “Statements & Documents”. From the drop down menu, choose the time period you are looking for and those statements will populate. The Internet Banking system stores up to 24 months of statements.

You can set up an eternal transfer to your bank accounts at other financial institutions through your online banking.

  1. When logged into your online banking via the website, you can select the dropdown found at the top right of your screen where you will see Welcome and your name.
  2. Once you have selected here, you will have the option for All Services and Settings.
  3. In the middle of your page here, you will have an option for Preferences.
  4. Within these preferences, you will see Add external transfer account.
  5. Once you select to add an external account, you will be asked to receive a security code to continue this setup, and you can select where you would like to receive that code at.
  6. Once you have successfully input the code, you will be brought to an External Transfer Service Agreement for you to review and agree to by selecting Accept.
  7. After accepting, you will be brought to a screen to complete your external account information and submit.
  8. By submitting the account information, you will receive two micro\-deposits to your external account to verify that you input the external account information correctly which you will then need to come back and very within the Guaranty Bank and Trust online banking system.

*Limits and access subject to approval.*

Your security questions and answers are set up at the time of online banking enrollment. If you need to update or review these security questions, you can do so by logging in to your online banking via the website.

Once logged in, you will see an option on the right-hand side of the screen that will show Welcome, and your name. Here there is a drop-down arrow, and on the drop-down list, there is an option to Change Security Questions.

Please copy or type the following link on your chrome browser: chrome://settings/content/cookies

"Block third-party cookies" needs to be turned off.

If the issue still persists please follow the below steps

  1. Type the following in the Chrome browser: Chrome://flags/#same\-site\-by\-default\-cookies
  2. Select SameSite by default cookies dropdown
  3. Select Disabled
  4. Close browser
  5. Log in to online banking
  6. Attempt to access BillPay as normal.

You can reset your passcode or unlock your account with these simple steps:

  1. Click Forgot Passcode on the link below or from our homepage.
  2. Enter your Access ID, Primary Email Address, and an Account Number.
  3. Enter the answers to your security questions.
  4. Generate a temporary passcode to go to your email address of record or your mobile phone.
  5. Retrieve your temporary passcode from your phone or email.
  6. Reset your Passcode.

Please call (888) 572-9881.

In you mobile app, go to the account, select the pancake menu in the top right, select account details, then show account number.

In online banking, go to the account, select more details under the account name, then click to reveal the account number

To receive your account statement online, you will need to have opted in for e-statements. You can opt-in, or verify which accounts may be opted in via the Quick Links option titled View statements & documents found under the All Services and Settings option within online banking.

*E-statements are available for two years in online banking after the time that you sign up to begin receiving them. E-statements are also brought up in PDF format.*

Contact information can be updated using the All Services and Settings option found while logged into your online banking via the website.

*Contact information updates are sent to our back office securely to be updated. There may be a slight delay in the submission of your update and when you will see the information updated on your online banking.*