Fraud & Security

Please call (888) 572-9881 to report an unknown transaction.

Please call (888) 572-9881 to talk to one of our card specialists so they can assist you.

Call the merchant, cancel your subscription, and request a refund. This is not a fraud. You agreed to the subscription per the terms and conditions when you made the initial purchase.

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After receiving a call or text from our third-party fraud center, always give us a call or go into a location so we can look at the transactions in question. If the transaction attempted was truly yours and you still want to allow it, we may need to open up rules we have on the card for the transaction to go through. If the transaction was not yours, we want to get that card closed and a new card issued to you as soon as possible.

If there has been suspicious activity on your card, the fraud department will typically contact you by text message to confirm if the transactions is yours or not. In this case, you need to respond to the text message. If you receive an actual telephone call, they will ask for transaction information. DO NOT give any other information except for the transaction information. DO NOT give your PIN number. If you are suspicious of the call please call Guaranty Bank & Trust at (888) 572-9881.