Corporate Governance

Business Ethics

Our reputation for honesty and integrity is one of our most valuable assets. We are assessed by our actions and judged by our conduct, and we must act in a way that merits public trust and confidence. Our commitment to the highest standards of professional and personal conduct is embedded in our culture and core values and lived out through our daily interactions.

The framework for our corporate governance can be found in our Corporate Governance Guidelines, our Code of Conduct, and our Code of Ethics. We also have a Compliance Management Policy, which requires compliance with various laws, regulations, and regulatory guidance that seeks to ensure fair, transparent, and equitable treatment of all bank customers, including prospective customers.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors provides oversight of, and guidance to our executive management team in the development of corporate strategy, risk management, corporate culture, and other important aspects of the business. Our Board understands that good governance is the foundation of sustainable business and is necessary for creating long-term shareholder value. They have a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences that are calibrated to the evolving needs of our business.

Our Board of Directors consists of 12 experienced and qualified directors. The Board has established four standing committees, including the Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee, and the KSOP Committee. Each committee has a charter which is publicly available on our website. Our 2023 Proxy Statement includes detailed information about our Board of Directors, including qualifications, committee responsibilities, and executive compensation.

Risk Management

We are serious about our responsibility to effectively manage the risks associated with our business, for the benefit of our long-term success and our shareholders, customers, employees, and communities. Our risk management process provides a consistent and comprehensive approach for how we identify, measure, manage, monitor, and report risks. The Board of Directors oversees our risk management process and receives regular reports from senior management on areas of material risk, including operational, financial, legal, regulatory, strategic, and reputational.

By setting expectations for proper behavior and accountability across the organization, our core values and culture create a framework for supporting solid risk management strategies. As we serve the financial needs of our customers and communities, our approach to sound risk management is based on each employee living our core values and acting in an ethical and responsible manner. Everyone at Guaranty Bank & Trust is empowered to enforce our company culture and always do what is right. They are also encouraged and empowered to address and report violations of our company policy, inappropriate behavior, or ethical concerns. Our bank tellers, who interact with our customers daily, are trained on how to identify fraud-related risks and they serve as our first line of defense.


Securing confidential data and systems is an essential and ongoing effort in our ever-evolving digital landscape. Because of this, we invest heavily in information security (IS). Experienced security professionals carry out governance and operation of the IS program to ensure risk levels match our risk profile and that appropriate controls are in place to defend against the growing cyber threat-scape. Additionally, cybersecurity professionals monitor our systems and infrastructure around the clock to ensure the security of our digital resources.

Customer Privacy

Ensuring customer privacy is a mission-critical part of our business. All policies, procedures, and supporting programs, such as our IS, IT, Vendor Management, and Audit programs strictly adhere to Federal regulatory guidelines and industry best practices. These programs exist to make sure the best technologies, methodologies, and controls are in place at all levels to protect customer privacy. Any customer information shared with affiliated organizations for ongoing business requirements only occurs after such organizations undergo due-diligence reviews and risk analysis to minimize risks to customer privacy.

Information Technology

We have a mature information technology (IT) program staffed by seasoned professionals. The IT program supports and oversees best-of-class systems that allow us to meet evolving customer and business needs. The IT department performs frequent tests and audits to ensure the confidentially, availability, and integrity of all data and systems. In addition to internal testing and auditing, the IT program undergoes recurring audits, assessments, and other tests by qualified third-party professionals to ensure the program remains strong, meets regulatory requirements, and utilizes advances to meet evolving industry challenges.

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