Combating Quarantine

April 1, 2020

Howdy friends!  CASH the Mascot here ready to give you some helpful hints for staying busy while you are quarantining inside.  We all thought staying home and enjoying some downtime would be nice and relaxing, and it can be to a certain extent, but there comes a point where you probably caught yourself thinking “Man… I sure do miss being able to go out and do things!”  Well I’m here to support you by giving some tips to help keep yourself busy and entertained while we are all indoors!


Okay so if you don’t already know, Monopoly is like the greatest board game ever invented on this earth.  I mean who wouldn’t want to play with money, houses, real estate, and don’t forget…. JAIL!  It’s my kinda game friends, and it’s a fantastic way to pass the time because a Monopoly game can take anywhere from an hour to forever…. LOL.  No really, you could literally play Monopoly as long as the bank doesn’t run out of money!

If you aren’t a fan of board games, or you are at home alone and don’t have the numbers to play a multi-player game, I suggest playing some games on your mobile device!  They can actually be really fun!  (Side Note: My boss claims to be an expert at Golf Clash, a virtual golf game, and raves about how fun the game is.  So maybe give that a try!)


Yeah yeah… I felt obliged to include this because, well, we’ve all been so bored before that we end up cleaning.  But in all seriousness, this is actually a great time to give your home a good ole deep clean!  Scrub those bathtubs, clear out the gutters, pull the weeds, wash the oven… you know, time to do the weird cleaning stuff that you normally wouldn’t do because you don’t normally have the time!  This could also be the perfect opportunity to clean out your closet and find clothes that you no longer need/wear.  With the recent struggles surmounting, maybe consider donating your clothes to your local charity or a family you know that is in need.  I’m sure lots of people could benefit!


Extra time on your hands can be a great blessing!  Devote a couple of hours each day to learning something new.  For instance, you could download an app and begin learning a new language.  Or you could dust off your old guitar and pick back up on learning some new chords and a few new songs.  Or maybe learn a new dance!  Accomplishments help us feel important and successful, which is so important during these downtimes.  (Side Note: I’m a fantastic line dancer y’all, so holler at me if you want any pointers.)


GO. OUTSIDE!  Springtime is one of the most wonderful seasons here in the south, so get out and enjoy it!  Take your sweet puppy on a walk, or take your kids and your spouse on a nice afternoon stroll during lunchtime.  Being physically active really helps combat the sedentary lifestyle that is normally lived indoors.  If you are worried about coming into contact with people, then you can wear a mask, or simply go where there aren’t many people.  You’d be surprised how far away from someone you can be when you are outdoors… LOL.  So get out and soak up some fresh air and Vitamin D!

Well, I hope these tips bring you a little entertainment and amusement while you are quarantining from COVID-19.  If you tried any of these tips and found them helpful or fun, please let me know!  I’d love to hear your stories!  You can find me on Facebook at  Stay safe amigos!

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